School Trips

We like to run a wide and exciting programme of trips both in this country and abroad. In order to run the trip, we have to raise the cost of transport, board and lodging, expert tuition and hire of equipment. According to the 1988 Education Reform Act we can charge for the board and lodging costs but we can only raise the other costs by voluntary contributions. However, the trip can only go ahead if the level of support is sufficient. Families on low income may be able to apply for assistance through the school, particularly if it is to meet compulsory course requirements.
There tends to be a ski trip to Europe each year organised by members of staff. The Humanities Faculty actively promotes both GCSE and A level trips with recent trips to Iceland, China and Morocco. The History Department has arranged tours of World War Two battlefields in France and Belgium, and the Art Department has organised various trips to Paris, Italy and the United States to visit art collections. There have also been annual sports tours for netball, volleyball, football and tennis.
Most recently, the Outlook Expeditions offer to Years 11-13 has taken small groups of committed students and staff to Venezuela for 16 days to explore the Amazon jungle around Angel Falls and beach activities on the Caribbean Sea. In 2015 the excursion was to Macchu Picchu, Cusco and the Andes mountains in Peru for 25 days.
Closer to home, there are regular visits for Geography, Art, History and Maths. The English and Drama Departments look to arrange frequent visits to the theatre as part of a wider extra-curricular enrichment offer. The culmination of an exciting school year is the Activity Day held on the ultimate day of Activity Week in July where students in Years 7-10 have the opportunity to enjoy learning through themed off-site visits.


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