Advice for Staff

Colleagues can access additional resources on the S Drive to support their teaching of Careers and to enable them to provide pastoral guidance to their Tutor groups.

Government guidance on careers can be found here:

Guidance on how the new 9-1 qualifications fit with the different qualification levels can be found here:

Each Year 11 tutor group has a Careers handbook with additional information of Apprenticeships, Colleges, Training providers and HE institutions, these are updated annually.

You can also refer students to Mel Lawrence by email on:

You can contact visiting speakers at: https/

Videos about university subjects and different Russell Group universities can be found at:

Information about Aspire to HE can be found at:

Finally, we have put together for you a 'one stop shop' for all things career related, where you can, no matter what year group a student is in, peruse the world of careers, virtual work experience and links to many useful websites, to gain an insight to what's on offer for them.

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