Tests and examinations have always been a feature of secondary school life, and crop up at various times for each year group. Year 11 trial GCSE examinations take place in December and public examinations take place in May and June. Other important coursework deadlines, module tests and AS examinations take place at different points in the year.

Parents are advised to check dates with the school before planning holidays or other periods away from home so that important dates for assessments are not missed. Any loss of school time is highly undesirable and is bound to affect students’ progress.

We have a Homestudy & revision page under the Year 7-year 11 menu, which lists a number of homework and exam revision web sites as well as various exam revision techniques compiled by the school. We hope students find them useful in revising and performing during their exams to give them the best chance of being successful.

Any queries concerning exams should be directed to Idsall's Exams Officer, telephone 01952 468452 or email: dataandexams@idsall.shropshire.sch.uk

Candidate Instructions and Exam Policies 2021-2022

Click on the links below to open or download the relevant exam instruction or policy.


Exam Specifications 2021-2022

GCSE & BTEC at Key Stage 4

Art Exam Board - AQA
Course - GCSE, Art and Design, Fine Art (8202/C - Coursework and 8202/X - Exam)
Business Studies Exam Board: Edexcel
Course: GCSE Business – 1BS0
Computer Science Exam Board - OCR
Course - GCSE, Computer Science (J277)
Construction Exam Board - Pearson
Course - BTEC Level 1 Construction
Design and Technology - Product Design/Textiles Exam Board: AQA
Course: GCSE Design and Technology, 8552
Drama Exam Board: Edexcel
Specification: Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) in Drama (1DR0)
Engineering Design (Current Year 11s only) Exam Board: OCR
Course: Cambridge Nationals Engineering Design Level 1/2)
English Language Exam Board: AQA
Specification: 8700
NB: Please check with your English teacher before doing any past papers
English Literature Exam Board: AQA
Specification: 8702
NB: Please check with your English teacher before doing any past papers
(Cambridge) Enterprise and Marketing (CNAT) Exam Board: OCR
Specification: Level 1/2 Certificate - J819
Food Preparation and Nutrition Exam Board: Eduqas
Course: GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition
French Exam Board: AQA
Specification: GCSE French
Geography Exam Board - AQA
Course: Geography 8035
German Exam Board: AQA
Specification: GCSE German
Health and Social Care Exam Board: Pearson
Course: BTEC Health and Social Care Level 2
History Exam Board: Edexcel
Course - GCSE, History 1H10 (FQ)
ICT Exam board: Pearson
Course: BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology
Maths Exam Board: Edexcel
Music Exam Board: Eduqas
Specification: WJEC Eduqas GCSE (9-1) in Music
PE (BTEC) Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel
Specification: Pearson Edexcel BTEC Level 2 first Award in Sport (4 unit)
PE (GCSE) Exam Board: AQA
Specification: Full Course
RE Exam Board: AQA
Specification: Religious Studies A
Science Exam Board: Edexcel
Specification: 2016 Combined Science – Edexcel/Pearson
Separate Sciences Exam Board: Edexcel

Specification: 2016 Biology. Chemistry and Physics – Edexcel Pearson

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