Advice for Students

You will have considered Careers in every school year as part of your ID lessons. At some points, particularly in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12, we focus a lot more on making choices about the courses you follow as part of your academic career.

We hope to encourage all students to look to the future so that they make choices which will help them to achieve the job that you want in the future.

You will have used Start and KUDOS (which can be accessed through RM Unify) as well as to begin to think about your career preferences.

You can also register for Work Ready Schools by clicking the link to the right to help develop your skills or register with Barclays Life Skills to get further advice to make you work-place ready.

In addition, you can come to one of our regular ‘Careers Clinic’ Session 6 events to meet employers or get further help to find out about your career choices. Look out too for regular Subject Assemblies which focus on the Careers which use the skills that your develop in MFL, PE, Art, Computing and Humanities.

The annual Careers Fayre occurs annually and each year we are lucky enough to have more employers and FE or HE providers attending. Meeting real people is one of the best ways to investigate the opportunities out there for Careers.

In the meantime, we have put together for you a  'one stop shop' for all things career related, where you can, no matter what year group you are in, peruse the world of careers, virtual work experience and links to many useful websites, to gain an insight to what's on offer.

The Idsall Careers Booklet for Year 11 is also available for download by clicking on this link.

Extra information and videos about Careers can also be found on the BBC website.


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