Register of Local Governing Body and Previous Member Interests

Name Register Signed Details Other establishments governed Relationship with staff /members of the GB
Carey Rebecca 28.09.2023 T&W Council Employee Nil Nil
Field Nicola 17.09.2023 Nil Nil Nil
Hanson Charlotte 21.09.2023 Nil Nil Nil


21.09.2023 Shifnal Tutor Maths tuition Nil Nil
King Michelle 01.09.2023 Nil Nil Nil
Peters Robert 23.02.2024 Fresh Eyes Agency Ltd. Director of Marketing and Communications Nil Daughter is employee at Idsall.
Stanley Alan 15.09.2023 Nil Nil Nil
Shepherd Stephen 23.09.2023 Nil Nil Nil


21.02.2024 Nil Nil Nil
Previous Trustees (last 12 months)
Brammer David 17.01.2023 Director: Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Limited (00918560)
Director: The Ironbridge Group Limited (03755645)
Director: Jackfield Tile Company Limited (01762099)
Director: Ironbridge Ceramics Limited (03755752)
Director: Ironbridge Limited (03770837)
Director: D A Brammer Limited (09498653)
Nil Nil
Caine John 09.12.2022 Nil Nil Nil
Elliott Clive 19.05.2022 Shareholder of Parkway Medical Services Telford MIND Nil
Playford Ruth 14.12.2022 Nil Nil Nil
Smith Matthew 10.12.2022 Nil Nil Nil


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