Post 18 Options


It’s never too soon to start considering your future! Whilst some people might find it a scary thought, it’s actually really exciting to start to look at all of the fantastic options you have ahead of you.  Whether you’re considering University, an Apprenticeship or the world of work, there are a wealth of resources out there to help you.

At Idsall Sixth Form, our tutor programme covers many different options and you will all be signed up to Unifrog as well – an amazing resource that is a one-stop shop for your post-18 options.

But until then, it’s worth looking over a few extras.


UCAS (the applications service for university and some apprenticeships) has provided this useful template to help your decision-making about whether you would like to go to university, go to work or start an apprenticeship. Click on the link to download your copy of the template.  UCAS DOWNLOAD

You’ve probably looked at Aspire to HE as well at school – there are many resources to help your research:

‘Careerpilot’ is a really useful website that can help you to explore Post-18 options. They can identify future careers – based on preferences, skills and aptitude – and then find out what your options might be. This service is FREE and can be accessed at:

And if you’re not sure between University or an Apprenticeship, there is plenty of information available online – and plenty of time to decide.  But why not start with this 5 minute video from the Financial Times: WATCH NOW

Finally, if you still think you need some guidance to make some decisions right now, the Post-16 sections of UCAS can also be useful.  

And to plan for any eventuality after the summer, this is another good place to do some research for when you get your results:


Obviously, we will support you throughout Year 12 and 13 when deciding on Universities, but here are some good places to start your research.

The UCAS Website:

The Complete University Guide:

UCAS even have a ‘unibuddy’ service where you can chat to students in order to ask questions!


There are some independently published guides online that are useful:

CLICK HERE for one.

And why not look at some Online Taster Days? At the moment, there are so many happening and it’s great to be ahead of the game!   


There are so many options for Apprenticeships, so it’s well worth understanding what is available.  A lot of the time, Apprenticeships tend to be advertised when students are in Year 13.  They are a great option, but can be even more competitive than University courses.

The ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ website is a good place to begin looking at options:

And here is an up-to-date guide that might also be helpful: DOWNLOAD HERE


Here is a guide to Apprenticeships designed for parents: CLICK HERE

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