Student attendance is paramount in order for them to achieve their true potential. Therefore Idsall School recognises the importance of this and will work with both families and students to help families fulfil legal duties whilst striving towards maximum possible attendance. Therefore, attendance issues will be identified and quickly acted upon to ensure this occurs.

Attendance Facts

  • 90% attendance means that a student is missing half a day’s school a week
  • 95% attendance means that a student will miss two weeks of school in a year
  • 93% attendance or better gives a student a 73% chance of achieving 5 GCSEs, Grades A-C, whatever their ability
  • The Local Authority will become involved where a student’s attendance falls to 90%
  • There are 190 school days in a year leaving 175 in which to take holiday

Attendance and Absence Guidance

School absence must be reported first thing in the morning, by 9am, every day of your child’s absence.

Children who become unwell during the school day must go to the Key Stage/Pastoral Office or 6th form office. If it is deemed necessary, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child. Students should not be contacting home during the school day.  Please keep contact numbers up to date at all times; if you have a change of number, please notify the school office by emailing

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