Gifted & Talented in Sport

The Idsall PE department Gifted and Talented Programme enables staff to recognise and celebrate the achievements and success of our pupils outside of school.  It also gives us the opportunity to nurture and support young athletes when balancing training, competition and academic commitments.

This is aimed at Year 7-13 pupils who are training or competing at district, county, regional, national and international levels within their sport (please see definitions on the application form for clarity).

When forms become available for 2023/2024 they will be available on this webpage. Forms must be completed for Year 7 or Year 8-13, providing details on the level of competition, current training schedule and recent achievements / successes.  If pupils have been included on the programme in previous years, please just take a few minutes to complete the form so we have the most up to date information and can be informed of any recent successes and achievements.

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