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End of Term Message From Our Headteacher

As we approach Christmas and the New Year I think we can all look forward to a well

deserved holiday and a much needed rest over the festive period.

I am always amazed by the amount of activities and achievements that are happening at our school and how it helps to give a flavour of our amazing students. At Idsall we place a huge importance on personal development as well as academic excellence and I never cease to be proud of the ex students I meet many years after they have left school and what fantastic people they have grown into.

The term has been a very busy one where building work has been undertaken to replace old roofs and windows. This has had the effect of smartening up the school as well as raising the temperature within all classrooms!! The work has been possible because of a million pound grant we secured from the Government to replace windows and old roofs. While we can not compete with the fabric of several schools that have recently been built locally we believe that what goes on inside and outside of our classrooms is second to none and very special indeed.

We were very pleased to receive the news this week that we have had 229 first choice applications for 216 places for the coming Year 7 and even more proud that this was the most first choice applications in the whole of Shropshire.

We have three members of staff leaving us this Christmas; Mrs Deville is retiring to France to be with her husband, Mrs Goodwin is moving to Charlton School and Mrs Pitchford is moving to a local primary school to be their Business Manager. We wish them all well for the future and thank them for their sterling service to our school.

All students have recently undertaken assessments using the new 9-1 assessment

system which is being used for all the new GCSEs. From these assessments we have shared your son/daughter’s progress with you by forecasting forward using a computer flightpath to see whether students are on target to meet their GCSE target grade. Most importantly along with this information we want all students to aware of their strengths and areas they have to work on to further improve. More detailed information is provided on page 4 of the Idsall Voice and we are also taking  feedback at Parents’ evenings to gauge the understanding of our new system and how we may further improve it.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year !

Pete Bourton