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Psychology at Key Stage 5

A Level Psychology

A level Psychology

At the end of the 2 year A level Psychology course there are 3 examinations.

Each examination paper is 2 hours and each paper is worth 96 marks.

Examination 1: Memory;  Attachment;  Social Influences;  Psychopathology

Examination 2: Approaches in Psychology;  Biopsychology;  Research Methods

Examination 3: Issues and Debates; Schizophrenia;  Cognition and Development; Aggression

The following is an outline of the topics covered per term:

Year 12:

Autumn Term – Approaches, Research Methods and Psychopathology

Spring Term – Memory, Social Influences

Summer Term – Attachment, Internal Mock A level Examinations, Report Writing


Year 13:

Autumn Term – Issues and Debates, Comparisons of Approaches, Biopsychology, Aggression

Spring Term – Internal A level Mock Examinations, Cognition and Development, Schizophrenia

Summer Term – 3 x External Final A level Examinations



For further advice or to find out more about the Psychology curriculum at Idsall School, please contact Mrs Mole..