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'Live' Cook Along-Fantastic Entries & Availability of Extra Curricular Activities

We've had a fantastic response to our 'live' cook along by Mrs Lowndes. Well done to everyone who took part and sent in photographs of their creations-Masterchef watch out! 

Mrs Lowndes-'Live' Cook Along 

Although, Mrs Lowndes had a difficult decision on her hands, she choose the following Year Group winners.

V Levco-Year 7



O Hollingsworth-Year 8 



Z Gregory-Year 9

Keep on cooking and stay healthy!


Below is an example of the extra curricular activities on offer either through Teams or Satchel One: SMHW 

  •  Maths – Problem of the week – SMHW submission - weekly
  • Science - Eco Club – Every Tuesday session 6, via MS Teams, email Mrs Mehra to take part so she can send you an invite.
  • Enterprise – Design a new chocolate bar competition – SMHW submission – February half term deadline
  • Drama – Radio Plays or Talking Newspaper - TBC
  • Food Tech – ‘live’ cook along – Thursday 21st January, 1.25 to 1.55, via MS Teams, email Mrs Lowndes = to take part so she can send you an invite.
  • Art – Photography and design competitions – SMHW submission - fortnightly
  • Mental Health and relaxation workshop – Tuesday 19th January – MS Teams meeting invite will be sent to Years 10-13 if you would like to take part
  • History - Design a MS Teams Avatar competition – launched via SMHW – week commencing 18th January
  • Music – Stress busting sing along – lunchtime – weekly, via MS Teams, email Mrs Shaw = to take part so she can send you an invite.
  • P.E. – Wake-up, Work-out – Daily between 8:45am and 9:00am


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