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Years 7 to 11 - Letter to Parents - Students' Attitude to Lessons

We need parents' support in speaking to their son / daughter about the contents of this letter...

Dear Parents

At Idsall School, we have high expectations of students in terms of their readiness to learn within the classroom. During an assembly at the start of the year, Mr Thorley advised all students that we expect them to:

  • Complete all tasks to the best of their ability to enhance their learning.
  • Take responsibility for improving their own learning (ask for help using appropriate questions if required).
  • Work constructively with others.
  • Take pride in their work through consistent expectations in all lessons for neat and accurate presentation of their work, folders and books.
  • Be prepared for lessons with the correct equipment.

More recently, we have become aware that some students are not prepared for lessons, in terms of their equipment and attitude to learning, and as such, from Monday 6th February we have decided to have a focus on these items.

For students this means that we expect:

  • All students to come into a lesson and be prepared to learn by being quiet and not talking unnecessarily – especially when the teacher is talking.
  • All students are physically equipped for lessons – with a black or blue pen, a green pen (for peer and self-assessment- every student was issued with one of these at the start of the year), and any other equipment that is required for that particular lesson.

We will be issuing sanctions if a student does not conform to the above expectations, as follows:

  • If a student talks whilst the teacher is talking, this will result in 5 demerits being issued.
  • If a student does not have a pen (this will be checked during registration), on the first instance they will be given a pen, and warned. On any further instances, they will be issued 5 demerits, and advised that they need to go and purchase a pen from the library – these are available from as little as 10p.

As per our school behaviour policy, any accumulation of 30 demerits within four school weeks will result in an after school detention being issued, of which you will be informed via letter.

We have advised all students of this via assemblies and messages during registration with tutors. We would request your support in speaking to your son / daughter about the above, and helping to support them so that they approach their learning in the best possible manner.

Thank you in anticipation.

Mrs. J.Reeve and Mr. R. Thorley
Senior Learning Manager and Deputy Head