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Years 7 to 9 Letter to Parents - School Uniform Reminder

A message from Idsall's Pastoral Team regarding new uniform purchases.

We have become increasingly aware that there have been a number of misinterpretation’s or confusion with the school uniform policy, and this mostly relates to shops advertising items under the “school uniform” section, even though they do not conform to Idsall School’s uniform policy. With the summer holidays fast approaching, we are aware that a lot of parents buy new uniform for their son/daughter ready for the next academic year. With this in mind, we would like to remind you of some of the key aspects from the school’s uniform policy (a full copy of which can be found on the Idsall School website under the information section  (

Skirts must be appropriate for work in terms of material, style and length. Skirts should be straight and not tightly tailored or of a stretchy ‘lycra’ type material. Skirts must be worn on the knee and not of high-waisted style. Splits should be of an appropriate length for school”. We would request that you kindly avoid purchasing any skirts that are too tight or too short so that your daughter is able to be presentable in school.

School trousers should be plain black, loose fitting with a straight leg with a front fastening. They should have a single button at the waist and a concealed zip. We do not allow low cut ‘hipster’ style trousers or broad, decorative belts. Jean-style/stretch or denim fabrics are not acceptable.” Please be aware that ‘skinny’ or ‘drain-pipe’ style trousers that are tight along the leg and ankle do not conform to the uniform policy and are therefore not allowed. It is also a requirement that the trousers are full length, and do not finish above the ankle.


“We will not allow high, narrow heels (heels higher than 2 inches), sling backs, mules or other shoes that we judge to be unsuitable for school. Trainers of any type or style are not acceptable and shoes made of a canvas material (e.g. pumps) are not permitted.”

Hair Styles:
Unnatural hair colours, unconventional styles or extreme cuts (under Grade 2) are not allowed. This includes cut patterns or designs in the hair. Hair should not cover the eyes. We suggest that parents talk to their Year Leader before arranging ‘special’ hairstyling for their children.” If there is a differentiation in lengths of hair – please be aware that it should be blended in so that there is no obvious distinction between the lengths.

“Nail varnish is not allowed in any year. False nails of any type are not allowed and nails should be a suitable length for school.” This includes acrylic/gel nails and is due to health and safety reasons.

Failure to adhere to the school’s uniform policy could result in school sanctions being applied. We are grateful for your support in upholding the school standards, and hope that this clarifies any issues that may arise when you come to buy new uniform.

The Pastoral Team