How are you going to choose your Sixth Form? Here are some tips

Think two steps ahead

The truth is that choosing A-levels isn’t just about the next two years: you also need to be thinking about the step after that. Whilst University courses or apprenticeships may not need a specific combination, many will have requirements or preferred courses. Doing a little bit of research may save a lot of worry later. For example, did you know that most Universities ask for Chemistry rather than Biology for Medicine? Or that English or History are more desirable for a Law degree than A-level Law? Do your research! There are many websites to help you make more informed choices, so look at a few. Start with this one from the Russell Group: click here.

Research the courses

If you’re unsure about what you want to do in the future, don’t worry! Most students choose courses because they enjoy them or, if it’s a new course, because it’s one that they think they will enjoy. But it’s important to research the course content properly because some A-levels, like English Language, differ quite significantly from their GCSE equivalent. (Want to know more about our courses? Find them here.)

Consider your combinations

You should also consider the combination of courses. You might not want to choose three essay-based subjects, for example… though that could also beneficial because the skills complement one another. Obviously, science-based subjects go well together, but you could choose an arts or humanities subject to keep your options for the future open. And consider whether it’s a good idea to choose two or more subjects you’ve never done before – it could work out great but make sure you know what you’re going into!

And finally…

There really is no right way to choose courses, but there is a wrong way. Don’t choose anything new that you haven’t researched. Don’t choose something just because your friends are doing it. And don’t choose something because you think it will be easy. A-levels and BTECs are a huge step up from GCSE and you will only succeed if you are committed to what you are doing.

Good luck!

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