Pearson Edexcel 'A Syllabus' Economics A Level

Economics is a fascinating subject to study, as it helps you look more deeply into the world around you – how and why it functions as it does. It can also give you new perspectives on some of the most pressing and challenging problems facing the world today.  Economics is with you for life; it will help you to understand what is happening nationally and internationally.

Ever thought about:

  • What determines the price you pay for the things you buy?
  • Why the government can’t just increase the minimum wage and make everyone better off?
  • Why there is unemployment when there are lots of job vacancies?
  • Why there is poverty in the world alongside great wealth?
  • Why you have to pay tuition fees to go to university when Scottish students don’t?
  • When you go abroad each year why do you get different amounts when you change your currency?

If you would like an answer to these questions then economics might be for you – study economics and you can help make the world a better place!

In both years, time is split between microeconomics (concerned with the decisions made by individuals in a variety of situations), and macroeconomics (concerned with decisions about wider issues such as employment and inflation).  In year 13 students will be examined on how well they can apply their learning in a ‘real world’ context.

Economics is 100% examination, which involves undertaking 3 papers in total at the end of Year 13 for the whole A Level.

Please click on the plus sign for each 'Key Stage 5' below for links to the PDF document. This provides an overview to the subject and the topics covered per half term at Idsall School.

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