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Year 11 - Letter to Parents - Exam Revision Sessions

Letter from Headteacher regarding forthcoming exam procedures and revision.

Dear Parents and Carers   

As we approach the main body of the examination period I am writing to you to clarify our expectations relating to ‘study leave’, examinations and bespoke revision lessons we are delivering in school. Students cannot officially leave school until 30th June but schools obviously modify timetables to allow students to attend examinations and revision lessons. However, it is crucial that there is clarity about when students must be in school and that we have clear procedures for signing in and out of school.

All students have been issued with a modified timetable that will come into operation after the half term break and in that it outlines examination times and revision lessons.

If a student has an examination in the morning they will be registered in the main examination hall and will then obviously complete their examination. If a student has no other revision lesson or examination that day they may sign out and remove themselves to revise from home. All students must sign out before they go home. If students wish to revise in school they must sign into school at the KS4 office after their examination and they may then revise in the Sixth Form Centre. However, once a student has signed into school they will not be allowed to go home before 3.00pm.

If a student has a revision session or examination later in the day, they must sign in at the KS4 office and they must remain on site until 3.00pm. No student is permitted to leave the school site and then return later in the day for an examination or revision lesson.

All of the revision lessons have been planned to support all students to gain their best possible grades and as such are compulsory and must be attended by all students that study that particular subject.

On Monday 12th June and Tuesday 13th June all students will sit GCSE English Language followed by Maths revision and then a Mathematics examination followed by Chemistry revision. These are sessions that all students will need to attend. Consequently attendance at school for the whole of both of these days is compulsory and no students will be allowed to go home after their English and Maths examinations on Monday and Tuesday morning.

I have explained these arrangements to all Year 11 students to ensure everyone is clear about what is expected and to reinforce that as a school we are trying to support all students to complete their final examinations to the very best of their abilities. I have also emphasised the need to continue to work hard, make sacrifices and to do their very best.

I wish every student well for what is a very important stage of their lives and I would like to thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Pete Bourton