Year 6 Open Evening

Year 6 Open Evening-Idsall School

A Journey of Great Memories

From Year 7 to 13


Welcome to our Open Evening webpage. This year (2022) our Open Evening is on the 29th September from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

We hope the video clips and images will show what makes Idsall special and a great school; and give you a flavour of our commitment to every student.

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"Hi to all of you. I am Will and I am in year 7. I was excited when I knew I was coming to Idsall. It is way better than primary school because it is more fun and primary school is boring. It is better because you get to travel around the school, people are really helpful if you get lost and will show you where to go.

At break time you can get a snack like a tea cake and a drink to keep you going until lunch time. At lunch time, you can have a variety of food like baguettes, pasta, jacket potatoes and a hot meal. However, there is always a long queue.

There are 3 websites for homework called Maths Watch, Doctor Frost Maths and Satchel One. I love Idsall School and I hope I will continue to love it in the years to come."

—Will, year 7 student

"Idsall is the best school I have been to. They sort the bullying and arguments. All the teachers are amazing and they don’t fool around – they teach you personally. Design is the best.

The food is amazing and lunch is just the right amount of time.

I hope I stay here until the end and I hope you come, and I cannot wait to see you.

They have all the classes such as English, Maths, Design, Languages, Geography, PE, Drama, RE, History, Art, Science and some more I think.

You may get lost but don’t be scared to ask teachers or higher years. You won’t need your map after a week or two. Don’t be nervous, it’s amazing here.

I can’t wait to see you guys. Thank you for reading this. Bye."

—Sophie, year 7 student


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