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Exam Revision Techniques

We hope students will find the documents below useful.  They cover various revision techniques that students could use to improve their performance in exams to give them the best chance of being successful at what is a very challenging time for them:

Revision for your Exams

There are lots of ways to revise and different methods will suit different people.  The most difficult thing is not the revision itself, but actually getting started.  Once you start the ball rolling, it will become much easier!

Make your revision manageable:

  • Create a revision plan, but make sure that it includes social activities and breaks
  • Break down the revision into smaller ‘chunks’.  Work through one section at a time
  • Create a visual record of how the sections are related, using a mind map or spider diagram
  • Mix up the subjects that you revise so that you don’t get too bored.
  • Don’t do more that 45 minutes’ work before taking a break.

There are also some essential things that you need to get in place, however:

  1. Plan your revision
  2. Organise your work and notes
  3. Set up a revision space
  4. Stay motivated
  5. Think positively!

BBC Bitesize is a great resource to help you with your revision.  Try these links for:

If you want to plan your revision timetable online, try this interactive planner, which is available from the Student Room

Dealing with exam stress – try these links for advice

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