Parents and Carers

Contact with Parents

Communication with parents is important to us as we believe that the education of our children is essentially a partnership. Letters are sent home and emailed to parents during the year to keep you informed about what is going on at school. These are also posted on this site, together with other news and information about school activities and also in the termly published "Idsall Voice" newsletter. Learning Managers and Subject Leaders may also write from time to time. Please look out for all of these - they sometimes only turn up at the end of term along with the stale sandwiches at the bottom of the school bag. Important letters usually carry a response slip. We are grateful when parents return these so that we know that the message has been received. We will normally send you a personal letter by post if we have concerns about your child’s standard of work, progress or behaviour. It is usually helpful if you respond to this with a phone call or visit so that we can sort out the problem as quickly as possible.

If parents have any queries, then Mrs Davies, PA to the Headteacher would be happy to help, email:

Letters to Parents & Carers

Letters are emailed to parents and carers so where possible, please supply an email address to the school to reduce the environmental impact and cost of paper copies.

Please view past issues of our Idsall Voice Newsletters (this is a collation of articles on a per term basis recording student achievements and other departmental information). To view these PDF documents you may need to install Adobe Reader.  In line with the school's child safety guidelines, students' surnames and matching photographs may have been blanked or removed in the online version. An unedited version is emailed out to parents.

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