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Idsall School

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Year 7

Meine Welt und Ich

Greetings, Numbers, Alphabet, Character, Belongings

Phonics (sound-spelling link), sein, wohnen, possessive adjectives, haben

Familie und Tiere

Family Members, animals, pets, descriptions, birthdays

Pronouns, kann + infinitive, present tense verbs, adjectives, ordinal numbers

Freizeit, juhu!

Sports, leisure activities, how often you do things, mobiles / computers

gern, word order, future (using the present tense), listening skills

Schule ist Klasse!

School subjects, days and tmes, teachers, school rules

weil, word order, possessive adjectives, prepositions


Year 8

Gute Reise

Towns, souvenirs, snacks/drinks, holiday plans

es gibt / ich möchte / the future tense using ‘werden’

Ich liebe Ferien

Comparing towns, past holidays, travel, weather

war/hatte/es gab, perfect tense with haben, perfect tense with sein, combining tenses

Bist du ein Medienfan?

Films, TV, Reading, Screen time

Questions in the perfect tense, modal verbs, prepositions with the dative

Bleib gesund

Breakfast, traditional german food, recipes, healthy lifestyles

essen, nehmen, the imperative, müssen

House and Home / Clothing

Locations, houses, rooms, furniture, clothing

Prepositions, present tense verbs (revision), descriptions, adjectival endings


Year 9

Klassenreisen Machen Spass

Rules, daily routine, directions, festivals

dürfen/müssen, separable and reflexive verbs, imperative forms, adjectival endings


Parts of the body, role models, experiences, future plans / aspirations, injuries

Present tense verbs, weil, perfect tense, future tense


Types of music, bands, music festivals

Subject and direct object pronouns, seit, comparisons, irregular past participles

Meine Ambitionen

Ambitions, part time jobs, future plans, jobs

Conditional, modal verbs, word order, prepositions with the dative

Die Kindheit

Childhood objects, childhood activities, compare secondary and primary school, primary school friends, fairy tales

Imperfect and present tenses, imperfect tenses of modal verbs, present and past tenses, superlatives, perfect vs imperfect