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School Lockdown Drill-Monday 15th October 2018

Dear Parents/Carers                                                                                             12th October 2018


On Monday, we will be following Government advice and guidelines and testing our procedures for if a critical incident occurs at the school. Therefore, please do not be alarmed if your son or daughter speaks to you about this as it is being put in place to ensure your child is safe in the event of an act of terror occurring at the school.


The practice will consist of using a siren, similar to an air raid type siren, to signal the start. The siren will last for about five minutes. During the practice, which will take place during lesson time, students and teachers will need to lock and/or barricade themselves into their classroom and hide under the desks. After a few minutes, which will allow senior staff to check the building, the practice will finish and registers will be taken. The practice will be followed by calming activities in class.


The practice, known as a lockdown drill, will enable us to test our procedures to ensure that if ever a critical incident does occur, our pupils and staff will remain safe.


Yours faithfully,