The Maths Department aim to make learning maths fun, interesting and challenging. To ensure students are appropriately challenged we set them according to ability and attainment. These sets are based on KS2 standardised scores but are provisional and students may be moved between sets if it becomes clear that this will benefit their learning.

Students are expected to bring the following equipment to all lessons - pen, pencil, ruler and a scientific calculator. These can be purchased from the LRC or through the department at approximately £7.00.

If you require advice or further information about the Maths curriculum at Idsall School, then please contact the Head of Department, Mrs V Corbett on the following email: 

Please click on the plus sign for each 'Key Stage' below for links to PDF documents. These provide an overview to the subject and the topics covered per half term during that 'Key Stage' at Idsall School.

Recommended Websites for KS3 & KS4:

  • - used by the department in KS3 for homework but it is also a very good website for all students (as it tracks the areas that they need to work on and provides practise questions on those areas).
  • - used by the department in KS4 and is an excellent website that includes tracking strengths as students complete past papers and also provides graded GCSE questions.

Recommended Websites for KS5

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