Library Facility

The Library at Lunch, Break and Session 6 - a place to work, play chess or read.

Our modern, purpose built library is a special feature of the school and a focus for many learning activities both during and after school.

We are told that it is one of the best stocked libraries in the county and the ICT facilities provide access to a huge range of learning materials via the school computer network.

The library is supervised throughout the day and is open after school for Session Six 'Studyzone' from Monday to Thursday. This gives students the opportunity to do some homework, independent study and is a good time for some quiet reading. On Thursdays, we also run a Chess Club which is very popular.

Library Opening Times

Monday - 9.05am to 4.00pm
Tuesday - 10.05am to 4.00pm
Wednesday - 9.05am to 4.00pm
Thursday - 9.05am to 4.00pm
Friday - 9.05am to 3.00pm
Saturday & Sunday - Closed

During lessons, students need to bring a permission slip from their teacher to visit the library.

Who's Who

Library Manager: Mrs. P. Hazlehurst


Tel: 01952 468433 (Direct No)

LibreSoft Database

The Library has a management system called Libresoft.  It helps pupils keep track of which books they have borrowed and when they are due back. It also enables pupils to find out what books there are in the library to help them with their reading and their studies, good websites for research for homework etc.

When students log on to any computer whether in the school or at home, they can use Libresoft. Pupils can see the new additions to the library, and reviews by other pupils.


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