Library Book Categories

Fiction = STORIES


Books that have a red or pink spot on their spines are appropriate for pupils in KS3; there will be the occasional book that has a 13+ sticker, and these are suitable for pupils that are 13 and above. There are a wide range of books that are shelved in the following genres: Adventure/Thriller; Animals; Ghost/Horror; Humour; Science Fiction/Fantasy; Sport; Teenage Issues/Relationships; War/Historical; Graphic Novels; Quick-Reads; Pre-20th Century Fiction.


Blue spots on the spine indicate that these are for confident, mature readers. Books that have a 6TH FORM ONLY label on them are for people aged 16 and above.

If a pupil wants to read a book that is deemed unsuitable for their age, then parents/guardians can write a letter authorising the borrowing by their child.

Non-Fiction = FACTS

000-099 General Reference

The books in this section are general facts such as Guinness book of Records, Ripley's Believe It or Not etc. There is the ISSUES series which is an excellent resource for discussions and presentations as it covers topics ranging from 'Genetically Modified Future?', 'Mental Health and Well Being' to 'Travel and Tourism'. To back up opinions, we have the 'Fact Files' which is full of statistics and relevant information.

100-199 Philosophy, Ethics

Philosophy and Ethics are the values, morals and attitudes that you have about life. These books help you to think about ‘what is life?’, ‘what am I doing here?’, ‘animals, do they have rights?’, ‘stealing – is it good or bad?’

200-299 Religion

In this column, you will find books that cover a large number of religions and their beliefs. Here are a few: Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Rastafarians.

300-399 Social Sciences

Social science covers a huge range of different topics! It looks at society and is a record of what we’re doing to ourselves, to others, and to the planet. Here’s just a few examples: Slavery; Law; Population; Fashion; Culture; Community; Forensic Science; Feminism; Third World; Human Rights.

400-499 Language

As you have probably guessed, this section has books on EnglishFrenchGerman, Chinese, Arabic..and a few others. There are dictionaries, foreign language novelsrevision books, and even books to improve your grammar!

500-599 Maths & Science

This is where you’ll find maths, chemistry, physical geography, physics and biology books. And lots of books about hurricanes, astronomyanimals and creepy insects.

600-699 Technology

Ever wanted to bake a lovely cream cake for your tutor? Would you like to know more about your pet hamster? You’ll find books on cookery, cars, planes, pets and textiles here.

700-799 The Arts/Sports/Hobbies

This is another huge area…here are a few examples:  Art, Music, Dance, Photography, Netball, Martial Arts, Skateboarding, Acting.

800-899 Literature

Poetic Poetry, Proper Plays, Notes on Novels, Sizzling Shakespeare...

900-999 Geography and History

Discover life in Japan, France, Switzerland…we have information about lots of countries! And discover what our ancestors ate, wore and did from Ancient Egyptians to the Recent Past.


On this spinner, you’ll find Mizz, SimpsonsCosmos, Flipside, Fresh Young Millionaire and lots of newspapers, such as The Mail,The Mirror, The Guardian, The i and The Times.


These books are too big to fit on the shelves, with the other books in their subject area. So, they are put on these special shelves which are tall enough for these books.

Local Studies

All about Shropshire and Telford.


A biography is the life story of a person written by someone else.

An autobiography is the life story of a person written by his/her self.

Autobiographies and biographies are mixed together and kept under the section called Biographies.

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