Drama is taught to all KS3 students for one hour a fortnight.  While some people do get very nervous about Drama lessons, we promise that you will never be forced to perform long-winded monologues in front of the whole class!  In fact, the emphasis in Drama is to use a variety of techniques to explore a range of different issues.  In Drama, no two lessons will be the same.  One day you might be living on a tropical island, 4000 years ago – and the next you might be a Doctor in a modern-day hospital!  What is important is that there is rarely a “right answer” and all we ask is that when you arrive in class, you are ready to have a go and do your best.

While it is important to develop performance skills (such as vocal skills, physicality, character development and script analysis), we also believe that Drama is the ideal subject to help build on many social skills, such as teamwork, creativity, problem solving and confidence.  All of these skills are vital for personal development and are transferable across a vast range of jobs and careers.

GCSE Drama is a popular option and again provides students with an opportunity to develop all of the skills mentioned above.  In addition to performance skills, students also have the option to study design elements.  This opportunity is now enhanced with the brand-new lighting and sound facilities available in the refurbished hall.

The Drama Department also works closely with the Music Department and the wider school community to produce the annual production.  In recent years, we have performed “Back to the 80’s”, “Hairspray” and “Sister Act”!  There really is always something going on!!!

If you would like further information about what we do, please contact Mr D Williams, Head of Drama at dwilliams@idsall.shropshire.sch.uk  or come and speak with us in person!  Don’t be shy!!!

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