Idsall Intended Curriculum Journey

Curriculum Intent

At Idsall School we aim to offer a purposeful, academically rich and coherent curriculum which leads to a deep subject knowledge in a broad range of subjects with a view to students joining us on a seven-year educational journey.

Our core values of honesty, kindness, respect and responsibility are integral to our day-to-day workings, ensuring that students have a deep sense of belonging, and are aware of the basic moral codes of modern life in Britain and the wider world.

The broad and balanced curriculum offer ensures that the needs of all students are met, both inside and outside of the classroom and that they are given a variety of opportunities to expand on their cultural capital.

Idsall School understands that the content and quality of our school curriculum is vital in ensuring that all students in our care achieve both academic and social success.  If our curriculum is fully meeting its intention, by the end of their schooling our students will have enjoyed accumulating, and will be able to apply, an array of knowledge and skills that have been learnt across a wide range of academic disciplines.  Students will develop and maintain a passion for reading and understand that reading broadly and well is inextricably linked to their future chances. The strong progress and outcomes that all students will achieve as a consequence of their desire to be lifelong learners will put them in control of their future choices.  They will, therefore, be ready to take their next steps in education and will do so with the confidence and determination to fully discover who they are and where their interests lie.

As they mature into young adults, Idsall students will have developed an independence that enables them to create and sustain positive relationships that improve their quality of life and contribute to their interpretation of it.  Our students will know how to spend time constructively, both on their own and with others, and will have developed pastimes that aid their ability to keep well, but which also deepen their cultural appreciation and broaden their world view.  The scope of our students’ interests and their continuing curiosity will encourage an enjoyment of ideas within and beyond their field of interest, whilst their excellent communication skills will ensure they are able to engage meaningfully in discussion and debate across a range of spheres.  Perhaps most importantly, whilst Idsall students will quite rightly have the confidence and determination to make the very most of their lives, they will want to do so, not just for themselves, but so they can improve the community and society of which they are such an integral part.

We have the highest of standards for students academically and this, coupled with the emphasis placed on developing young people who are confident, resilient, work ready and culturally aware and ensures that students leave us with many opportunities open to them.

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