At Idsall we aim to build up skills gradually throughout KS3. We begin in Year 7 with a basic skill project which covers a selection of the visual elements and we find this gives pupils a good basis for moving forward. In the Art Department we use a wide range of materials and during each year pupils will gain experience in working in both 2 and 3 dimensions through a variety of media, including; clay, card, paint and print.

Our department is a very busy one, so much so that we were awarded 'Arts Mark Silver',  by the Arts Council. The department also has much to offer in terms of session 6 activities.

We expect all pupils to give their art lessons their very best effort, and treat our rooms and equipment with the respect they deserve. We also expect pupils to attend their lessons with the basic drawing equipment: pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler and a set of coloured pencils. A fine liner pen and soft leaded drawing pencil (2B-4B) would be very useful additions. Pupils are provided, by the Art Department, with a sketchbook at the beginning of the year. To assist with the purchase of sketchbooks and more expensive materials for sculpture, pupils are asked to contribute £3.00 per year.

The Art Department sets regular homework tasks which intend to encourage independent skill development with research tasks often being set. Therefore, although students have Internet access at school it would also be useful if they had access to the Internet at home as well.

If you require advice or further information about the Art curriculum at Idsall School, then please contact Mrs J Pugh on the following email: 

Please click on the plus sign for each 'Key Stage' below for links to PDF documents. These provide an overview to the subject and the topics covered per half term during that 'Key Stage' at Idsall School.

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