Our Alumni

Ben - Apprentice Scheme Graduate

Idsall School Ben

My time at Idsall really helped in developing my skills, I was very keen at IT and Design during my whole time at school, I then followed those two subjects on to sixth form which I did well in. Without those skills and the opportunities I received at Idsall I wouldn’t be where I am today. During my 2nd year of 6th form I applied and got into the Apprenticeship Scheme at Jaguar Land Rover. It was the best decision I ever made. After four years of training I am fully qualified as a Maintenance Engineer. For anyone who is unsure about going to university I would definitely look into apprenticeships. It worked wonders for me. 

Grace - Student at the University of Birmingham

I attended Idsall for 7 years and loved my time there! The school allowed me to grow from a shy 11 year old into a very confident and hardworking 18 year old student going off to study Medicine. I am now in my third year of medical school and am extremely excited for my medical career ahead! Idsall instilled a fantastic work ethic in me, something which still helps me today. The staff at the Sixth Form showed me unrelenting support and I am extremely grateful for the role they played in my success during my time there. I continue to be involved in the Sixth Form, helping and encouraging current students who want to pursue Medicine. I am determined to make sure anyone who wants to become a medic can do, regardless of their background.

Idsall School Grace

Joe - Cambridge University Graduate

Idsall School Joe

Idsall's main strength is its wonderful teachers. Having been a pupil here between 2011 and 2016 I decided to stay on for the Sixth Form for two reasons: its English and Geography teachers, and to stay with the friends I had met in the previous five years. The Sixth Form Centre was a tight-knit community where I developed friendships with like-minded peers with whom I am still very close today. I owe a lot to Idsall: were I not encouraged to apply to Cambridge by my English teachers, it is very unlikely I would have gone there at all. I have fond memories of spending lunchtimes and free periods writing poems on the school computers with my friends, and getting copies of them printed in the resources room once a term or so.

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