A-Level Sociology

Sixth Form

A-Level Sociology

What Topics Will I Study?

  • Education with Sociological Theory and Methods (33.3% of A-Level)
  • Research Methods and Topics in Sociology; Families and Households, and Beliefs in Society (33.3% of A-Level)
  • Crime and Deviance with Sociological Theory and Methods (33.3% of A-Level)
  • Linear Assessment-3 examinations at the end of 2 years

What Grades do I Need at GCSE Level?

Apart from the minimum entry requirements needed for the sixth form, you will need a minimum of a grade 5 in English Language, although to be successful at A-Level a grade 6 would give you the best chance. No previous study of Sociology is required, but a grade 5 in any Humanities or Social Science subject is needed. It is important to note that the Sociology course requires a lot of reading, research, essay work and some analysis of social statistics.

What Other Subjects Should I Study?

Sociology complements a range of other subjects, in particular Geography, History and Religious Studies. Sociology can also work well alongside Psychology and Economics, however all these courses come with a large amount of reading and essay writing to do so be wary of choosing too many of them. Sociology offers students the opportunity to explore important sociological theories and methods, and the social changes reshaping the world today. This course will transform your understanding of important aspects of the social world and give you the confidence, knowledge, and skills to help you to think critically and ethically about society and social change.

What About Choices After A-Levels?

The research, evaluation, report, and essay writing skills you will develop during Sociology are keenly sought by employers, enhancing your employability in today a competitive job market. For those seeking higher education, students in the past have gone on to pursue degree courses in Sociology, Law, Social Policy, Criminology and Social Care. Post degree level careers can be sought in a few different fields, but most commonly in Social Research, Law, Statistics, Market Research, Media and Teaching.

Further Information

If you would like any further information on any aspect of the Sociology course, then please contact Mrs V. McMahon (Head of Sociology): vmcmahon@idsall.shropshire.sch.uk

Exam Board: AQA

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