A-Level Physics

Sixth Form

A-Level Physics

What Topics Will I Study?

The course is designed so that you are able to:

  • Progress smoothly from previous GCSE studies in Physics.
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the principles and applications of Physics.
  • Gain hands-on practical skills and data analysis skills.
  • Appreciate How Science Works and its relevance beyond the laboratory.

Year 12 Includes

  • Particle Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Materials
  • Electricity
  • Waves

Year 12 Physics A Level Learning Journey 

Year 13 Includes

  • Fields
  • Oscillations
  • Further Mechanics
  • And an option topic

Year 13 Physics A Level Learning Journey 


2 x 1.45, 1 x2.30 3x2 hour papers

What Grades do I Need at GCSE Level?

To study Physics at A-Level you will need to achieve the entry requirements for the 6th Form. For Physics these will include a grade 6 in GCSE Physics or equivalent in the Combined Science and a minimum of a grade 6 in Maths. You will also need to achieve a minimum of 11 points in English Language and Maths with no grade being below a grade 5.

What Other Subjects Should I Study?

Physics is an excellent subject to take with other sciences such as Biology and Chemistry. We recommend that all students follow an A-Level Maths course as this helps with the skills necessary to be a successful Physicist, but this is not essential.

What About Choices After A-Levels?

Physics develops a wide range of transferable skills including problem solving, data handling, reasoning, mathematical skills, ICT literacy, teamwork and communication. As an A-Level it is highly regarded by employers and universities.

Physics is an advantage in... Agriculture, Air traffic Control, Architecture, Computer Science, Dentist, Finance, Medicine, Environmental Health, Science Journalism, Materials Science, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Armed Forces, Veterinary Science.

Physics is essential for... Astronomy, Audiology, Geophysics, Medical Physics, Engineering, Electronics, Forensic Science, Meteorology, Nuclear Science, Ophthalmology, Radiography, Space Science, Telecommunications.

Further Information

If you would like any further information on any aspect of Physics A-Level, please contact Mr M Middleton (Head of Science): mmiddleton@idsall.shropshire.sch.uk

Exam Board: AQA

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