A-Level English Language

Sixth Form

A-Level English Language

What Topics Will I Study?

This course builds on what students know already from GCSE in order to teach the skills every linguist needs to explore the language system, including modality, and the differences between spoken and written language.

There are opportunities for students to demonstrate their engagement with language in the real world – including people’s attitudes to current language issues, as well as exploring language in particular contexts. English Language gives students the practical ‘tools’, whether for the workplace or for higher education, to become independent, critical readers and analysers of language use in the 21st century.

Advanced examination: 80% non-examination 20%

  • Linguistic analysis of authentic texts in both the spoken and written mode
  • Original writing for a real-world purpose on a topical language issue
  • Analysis of how issues relating to language and gender or language and power influence particular authentic, unseen texts.
  • Exploration of how children acquire spoken language and how they learn to write (0 - 8 years)
  • Language in the media
  • How language changes over time
  • Language investigation - independent study in one of five topic areas

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What Grades do I Need at GCSE Level?

Apart from the minimum entry requirements for the Sixth Form you are expected to achieve a total of at least 11 points in English Language and Literature with no grade less than a 5.

What Other Subjects Should I Study?

This course will appeal to anyone who would like to develop their interest in the structures and functions of the English Language. It is not incompatible with any other subjects but has clear connections with Sociology, Psychology, Theatre, Film Studies and History where analysis of text is evident. English Language is an academic subject in its own right and is worth considering as a complement to Maths and Science subjects.

What About Choices After A-Levels?

English Language A-Level is a widely accepted entrance qualification for higher education establishments and even preferred by some for courses such as journalism.

Further Information

If you would like further information on any aspect of this course, please contact Miss L Smith: lsmith@idsall.shropshire.sch.uk

Exam Board: Edexcel

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