A-Level Business Studies

Sixth Form

A-Level Business Studies

What Topics Will I Study?

Year 12

  • What is business?
  • Managers, Leadership and decision making
  • Decision making to improve marketing performance
  • Decision making to improve operational performance
  • Decision making to improve financial performance
  • Decision making to improve human resource performance

Year 13

  • Analysing the strategic position of a business
  • Choosing strategic direction
  • Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
  • Managing strategic change

Key Skills

The broad and multi-disciplinary nature of Business Studies, and its application to a wide range of current issues, assists candidates in developing their knowledge and understanding of Key Skills and produce evidence of their application. The Business Studies course is able to contribute in a wide variety of ways to the Key skills of Numeracy, Communication and Information Technology.

Business A Level Learning Journey and Curriculum Overview

What Grades do I Need at GCSE Level?

To study Business Studies at A-Level you will need to have achieved the entry requirements for the Sixth Form. It is expected that these grades will include a grade 5 in English Language and at least a grade 4 in Maths, with no grade less than a 4. For those who currently study Business Studies you will be expected to have achieved a GCSE grade B or equivalent.

What Other Subjects Should I Study?

Business Studies complements a wide range of other subjects taught in Idsall Sixth Form. There are strong links with Economics, Information Technology, Maths and Geography as well as covering areas of Sociology. Many students find that combinations of these subjects work well together.

What About Choices After A-Levels?

There are a wide variety of skills that can be developed through the Business Studies course that can prove valuable in subsequent studies. Many students have used an A-Level in Business Studies as a platform for further study, taking degrees in Business Studies itself or business-related courses, opening up a variety of career pathways for the future.

Further Information

If you would like further information, please contact Mr J Gregory (Head of Business & Enterprise): jgregory@idsall.shropshire.sch.uk

Exam Board: AQA

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