Student Login

We have the facility at Idsall School for students to log into the school computer network from home or other locations to access their email, user areas, resource drive and the school intranet as well as our virtual learning platform called iSchool powered by the Frog platform.

 iSchool VLE from Home

Please use a Microsoft Windows based device and the browser "Internet Explorer 9" or later for accessing iSchool from outside school as other platforms are not yet supported, in particular homework and school drive access will not work on other browsers.


Students can access their school email from home via a web browser using:

We are now using Office 365 for school email login using school email address and network password.

If you wish to setup school email on a mobile device please click on the following link -



Remote Desktop Connection - Provides users with an Idsall School Windows workstation as though they were logged in at school:


User Areas and Resource O Drive

Access to student user areas and the Resource network drive is available using iSchool at the following link:

Here is a video providing an example of how to download files to your home computer, edit them and then upload back to students' user areas.












Instructions for editing user space (home drive) files from home:

  • Tick the file you want to download to your home computer and click Download
  • Click Save and save to a location on your home computer
  • Now view the file you just downloaded by clicking on Open Folder and open the file
  • Edit your file and click Save
  • Now go back to your iSchool home drive and tick the file you want to replace/update with the version on your home computer
  • Click Upload and browse to the file on your home computer and click Upload below the Browse button
  • Now double click the file in your iSchool home drive to make sure it has been updated
To navigate around your home drive folders, double click the folder name to open and to go back to a previous folder, double click the folder icon with the 2 full stops after it.

Problems logging in?

If users have followed the instructions but are still unable to access the school's network services, then please email Idsall's ICT Support Team: Please describe what actions you have taken, what operating system and browser you are using and attach screen shots of your screen at each stage. Alternatively, why not visit us in the ICT Support & Server Room (via B5) or tel 01952 468417.  We can also agree a time when a member of the ICT Suport team can remotely access your home pc using an application called TeamViewer Quick Support.

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